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01.08.2018 - 29.02.2020

The institut bild.medien of the Hochschule Düsseldorf and the IMAI Foundation began a cooperative project in March 2018 to develop a state-of-the-art online presentation for the video art collection of the IMAI Foundation. The focuses of the project Video Online Archive: cataloging/presenting/communicating; cataloging and indexing the moving-image data of the IMAI Foundation are the analysis by expert scholars and the digital accessibility of video art works based on it.

Since 2006, the IMAI Foundation has been maintaining an online catalog in which more than 1,000 videos can be viewed in full. In 2016, the institut bild.medien implemented the urgently necessary relaunch of that platform. The two institutions closely collaborated first on an interim solution and on adapting the data for a digital system of archiving and presenting for the long-term preservation and controlled accessibility of artistic video films. After the archival holdings of the IMAI were redigitzed in 2016 and 2017 in keeping with today’s standard, with generous support from the LVR, the precondition has been met for a comprehensive, Web-based opening of the archive.

In this two-year project, a complex database system for use-oriented querying of the Video Online Archive was created based on the description, indexing, and contextualizing by the methods of art and media studies. The subsequent semantically substantiated application will permit differentiated, individual access to the archive via its search options. The goal is a forward-looking media art portal that will provide appropriate access to the unique video art holdings of the IMAI Foundation to teachers, students, scholars, artists, curators, and all interested parties and also make alternative forms of research possible.

The project was concluded with a book published in 2020.

Stefan Asmus, Reiner Nachtwey, Kathrin Tillmanns (eds.): Video Online-Archiv - erschließen, präsentieren, kommunizieren. Erschließung und Indexierung von Bewegtbilddaten der Stiftung imai  (PDF

  • Dr. Renate Buschmann

  • Lara Perski 
    M.St. since August 2018
  • Michalis Nicolaides
  • Anna Sophia Schultz 
    MA (March to July 2018)

  • Jonathan Rösen
  • Andrea Sigrist

  • Certified computer scientist (FH) Lenz Lüers

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