Conditions of Distribution

Conditions of Distribution

Rights of Use of the Works

When lending audiovisual works of art, the screening right for your institution is restricted solely to the agreed-upon duration of the event.  Any other partial or full use or loan to other institutions or persons, copying, transfer, public screening or presentation, television broadcast, or other commercial use is not permitted. Violating this prohibition infringes applicable copyright law and may result in civil and/or criminal penalties.

The purchase of audiovisual artworks includes exclusively the performance right within your institution. Television broadcast or other commercial use is not permitted. This also applies to screening in institutions for further education. Violating this prohibition infringes applicable copyright law and may result in civil and/or criminal penalties.

Conditions of Lending

Your written request should reach us at least 3 weeks before the planned screening. It must specify binding date or duration of the event and venue of the screening. You will then receive a confirmation of the date from us. We will send you the videos before the event in the desired digital format. On request we will provide promotional materials on the works requested. Your order requires you to accept the videos ordered for the indicated run. Cancellations must reach us at least 10 days before the agreed screening date, otherwise the lending fee will be invoiced in full.

An invoice will be issued after your screening has been permitted. In the case of transfers from foreign banks, the bank fees for both countries must be paid by the customer (OUR transfer). You will receive the videos after receipt of payment (at least seven days before broadcast). If you wish to receive the work on a storage medium (such as DVD), the borrowed screening copy must be returned to the IMAI Foundation at the customer’s expense within seven days of the event. Late returns are subject to a late fee. If the screening copy is damaged during the screening, that must be reported when returning it. The customer is in any case liable for all damage to or loss of the copies provided.


The lending fees are based on the length of the video the duration of its screening, as a rule between 60 and 100 euros per day. The fee is not increased for multiple screenings on one day. The fee is reduced for a longer presentation, as in an exhibition. For example, a video that is calculated at 60 euros per day, only 250 euros will be due for a running time of 21 days. The exact prices depending on our contractual obligations with the artists. Please contact us for details. We will gladly send you an individually tailored offer. All prices are understood to include a processing fee of 10 euros for orders within Germany, 15 euros in Europe, and 20 euros in the rest of the world.