Fringe of the Fringe - Queering Punk Media History Cover
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Fringe of the Fringe

Queering Punk Media History





Since the 1970s, the medium of video and multimedia art practice has been closely linked to the subcultural and countercultural movements. Art and music videos in particular demonstrate great subversive potential: artists and musicians oppose traditional values, exploring and repeatedly transgressing social norms and gender stereotypes. This publication reviews artistic strategies in the context of a history of punk and its offshoots, combining scholarly opinions from the fields of art history, queer theory, media studies, gender studies, postcolonial studies, and cultural studies on an equal footing with field reports from the practice of alternative archives and artistic image essays.

Edited by Kathrin Dreckmann, Elfi Vomberg, and Linnea Semmerling

With contributions by Kathrin Dreckmann, Marina Gržinić , Philipp Gufler and Mareike Schwarz / Rabe perplexum, Jack Halberstam, Josephine Hetterich, Anne Niezgodka / Afas Duisburg, Angela McRobbie, Jennifer Ramme, Chris Regn / bildwechsel Hamburg, Peter Rehberg / Schwules Museum Berlin, Marion Schulze, Linnea Semmerling and Angelika Gwozdz / IMAI Düsseldorf, Elfi Vomberg, and Katharina Wiedlack

Graphic design by Jan Kiesswetter



Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2023

ISBN 978-3-7757-5388-3