Mira Mann, objects of the wind, Poster, 2024, © Mira Mann
Mira Mann, objects of the wind, Poster, 2024, © Mira Manni

Circulating Copies: objects of the wind

Mira Mann, objects of the wind, 2024, sound performance, in collaboration with Domi Chansorn, Nam Sook Kim-Bücker and members of the Dassiragi group

Following thematic aspects of their video work continent imaginaire, Mira Mann newly developed the sound performance objects of the wind in collaboration with Domi Chansorn, Nam-sook Kim-Bücker, and participants from the Dassiragi Group for Rheinterrassen’s Rheingoldsaal, and takes listeners into a dialogue, perhaps even a duel, between Korean pungmul drums and percussion.

Mira Mann (b. 1993, DE) currently lives in Düsseldorf and Paris. They have recently participated in exhibitions at Kunsthalle Fribourg (2024); Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen (2023); and Brücke Museum Berlin (2022). Mann also recently realised performances at Kunstverein Bielefeld and de Appel Amsterdam (both 2022).

DA-SSI-RA-GI has been active as a women’s percussion ensemble in the Ruhr area since 1993. Dassiragi describes both the interaction of several people and “blooming again”. Pungmul percussion has its roots in Korean folk music traditions and shamanistic rituals and is practiced in the diaspora in afternoon schools and at festivals. In addition the instruments are regularly part of protests, including the student protest of the 1980s, for example in Gwangju.

Domi Chansorn (*1988, CHE) received his first scholarship as a drummer in New York City at the age of 14 and has since devoted himself professionally to the search for “the unknown and spiritual” as an instrumentalist, composer and producer.

Thank you Domi Chansorn, Jonathan Rösen and Nam-sook Kim-Bücker and the members of the Dassiragi group: Gyu-sun Cho, Soon-lee Song, Mina Forgani, Ju-yeon Park, Hyun-ja Deutsch, Soon-ja Park, Nam-sook Kim-Bücker.

objects of the wind is part of the Circulating Copies program.

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