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01.03.2021 - 31.12.2021

The website of the IMAI - Inter Media Art Institute has more than 1,100 works of video art available for viewing. In order to stimulate and support the international exchange of video artworks, the IMAI Foundation and the institut bild.medien (Faculty of Design) of the Hochschule Düsseldorf have jointly established a channel for video art that will be located on the foundation’s website from September 2021 onward.

The IMAI-Play video-art channel aims for a participatory presentation of the videos of the IMAI Archive and invites uses to put together, present, and discuss video programs of their own. A comments section invites exchange over and discussion of the various programs and allows uses to become cocurators of the collection. Setting up a personal will enable you to create your own programs and, if you wish, published them on the foundation’s website and share them on social media.

The IMAI-Play video-art channel transforms the online video archive from a digital storage space to an interactive space work and mutual understanding. Visitors from all over the world are not only given access to the foundation’s collection but also invited to reveal new research fields for and perspectives on video art and to use the works for their own purposes. Art historians will be able to put together programs for their classes, and social initiatives such as postcolonial working groups or feminist associations can collect and share inspiration and materials here. The focus is not only on digital exchange and networking but also on political and social reflection on the content of the IMAI Foundation Archive.

The programs compiled for the channel will be presented on the IMAI Foundation’s website from September 2021 onward. At the same time, interested users will be able to access the entire video-art channel.

Dr. Linnea Semmerling


Dr. Kathrin Tillmanns
institut bild.medien
Hochschule Düsseldorf

Jonathan Rösen 

Andrea Sigrist

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