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Video Art in the Archive


In the archival holdings of the video and media art foundation IMAI—Inter Media Art Institute, there are more than fifteen hundred video artworks of regional, national, and international significance, whose dates of production range from the 1970s to the present.
Due to the rapidly advancing obsolescence of storage media and the associated playback equipment, digitization and continuing migration are essential measures for ensuring the readability and accessibility of the filmic content. Hence a video artwork is often present in the archive in multiple material forms. As a result, preserving video art requires us to rethink our demand for historical originality.

Since February 2016 the Landschaftsverband Rheinland has sponsored a two-year archiving project at the IMAI Foundation whose aim is to develop a future-ready data infrastructure, long-term archiving solution, and form of accessibility for the video archive that reflects the specific conditions associated with preserving video art.

Lecture by

Dr. Renate Buschmann


50th Rheinischer Archivtag, Siegburg, 2–3 June 2016

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