Catalog / Present / Communicate: The IMAI Foundation’s Video Art on the Internet

26th EVA Conference Berlin

At the 26th Berliner Konferenz zu Electronic Media & Visual Arts, to be held this year at the Kunstgewerbemuseum am Kulturforum on November 7–8, Dr. Kathrin Tillmanns and Lara Perski will present the current joint project of the IMAI Foundation and the institut bild.medien at the Hochschule Düsseldorf.

At the conference, whose motto is BASED ON TRUST! Kultur in Virtueller Umgebung (BASED ON TRUST! Culture in a Virtual Environment), the insights afforded by the project into the complexity of describing and keywording a multimedia art archive will be shared with an international audience. As part of the network EVA International, with locations in Florence, Jerusalem, Copenhagen, London, Paris, and St. Petersburg, the Berlin event is an important platform for European cultural and scientific cooperation.

The joint project Video Online-Archiv—erschliessen / präsentieren / kommunizieren: Erschließung und Indexierung von Bewegtbilddaten der Stiftung IMAI (Video Online Archives—Catalog / Present / Communicate: Cataloging and Indexing the IMAI Foundation’s Moving Image Data) is sponsored by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung. Its goal is to catalog the IMAI Foundation’s video art holdings in a scholarly way and make them available online as an informative database.

The data collected in the course of the project using art- and media-historical methods forms the basis for semantically oriented search options. The project has set itself the task of developing a future-capable media art portal that supports scholarly, artistic, and curatorial research.

A lecture by

Dr. Kathrin Tillmanns (institut bild.medien, Hochschule Düsseldorf)
Lara Perski, MSt. (IMAI Foundation)

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