Ale Bachlechner, Like You Really Mean It, Ale und Mops
© Ale Bachlechner, 2021i

Hitting Puberty

Fifteen Years of the IMAI—Inter Media Art Institute


05.02.2021 - 09.01.2022

The IMAI—Inter Media Art Institute is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary in 2021 and is thus metaphorically entering puberty. On this occasion, we are presenting fifteen positions from our program that were selected and compiled from recent acquisitions of the past years. Ale Bachlechner, Ji Su Kang-Gatto, Lukas Marxt, Maki Satake, Hedda Schattanik, and Roman Szczesny show their own work in relation to historical videos from the IMAI archive that have been inspiring, pioneering, or even trailblazing for their own personal development. Very much in the sense of finding oneself in puberty, this is a way to understand the history of the artists and the foundation growing up together.

Fifteen Positions from the Distribution Program and Archive of the IMAI—Inter Media Art Institute Foundation

Maki Satake, Maria Vedder, Robert Cahen

Episode 1

Ale Bachlechner, Jill Scott, Raskin, Stefan Panhans

Episode 2

Lukas Marxt, Gudrun Kemsa und Marcus Maida, Marcel Odenbach

Episode 3

Ji Su Kang-Gatto, Róbert Olawuyi, Margot Zanni

Episode 4

Hedda Schattanik und Roman Szczesny, Chris Newman, Marcel Odenbach

Episode 5