Mira Mann, continent imaginaire, Videostill, 2024, © Mira Mann
Mira Mann, continent imaginaire, Videostill, 2024, © Mira Manni

Circulating Copies: continent imaginaire

Mira Mann, continent imaginaire, 2024, Video, long durational

In their transmedial practice, Mira Mann addresses the migration of people, sounds, rituals, and objects whose meanings are overwritten and enriched by the process of circulation. The video continent imaginaire, created specifically for Circulating Copies, follows the course of an impossible train journey, starting from the tracks of Düsseldorf’s central station right next door to Eiscafé Stefan, all the way to Mokpo, the southernmost point of the Korean peninsula. Compiled from found footage sequences of travellers, the work effortlessly traverses some of the most contentious lines of conflict in the present, with stops in Berlin, Warsaw, Kiev, Moscow, Pyongyang, and Seoul. As if from a dining car, continent imaginaire opens ‘a window’ onto a train route that is impassable due to political conflicts. The presentation of the video work is accompanied by an artist talk with Mira Mann.

Mira Mann (b. 1993, DE) currently lives in Düsseldorf and Paris. They have recently participated in exhibitions at Kunsthalle Fribourg (2024); Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen (2023); and Brücke Museum Berlin (2022). Mann also recently realised performances at Kunstverein Bielefeld and de Appel Amsterdam (both 2022). 

Thanks to Jonathan Rösen and Roberto Tomasella.

continent imaginaire is part of the Circulating Copies program. 

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